The sculpture I produce is mostly in ceramic and mixed media, found objects and cast plastics. I love to model in clay and wax; combining materials to convey meaning. In my ceramic sculpture, the tradition of California ceramic sculptors who were my mentors influenced my building style. Viola Frey and Philip Cornelius pushed me as an art student to build large and lightweight, as I love to do. They supported my transition from-then to- fashion design. Plastics are from the family business and my father, Z.P., the engineer who had an arts fabrication business in North Hollywood for 46 years,  inspired me to sculpt and cast in rubber, resin and fiberglass. With kitsch and surreal objects surrounding me throughout my life, funk and pop, as well as fashion and surrealism are stylistic signatures  My work is a reflection of these influences.

Shoe sculptures are inspired by my late mothers shoe collection and her untimely death to breast and ovarian cancer. I make these sculptures as symolic and fetishistic rememberances in homage to her and our shared love for art and fashion.