Taleen Berberian
This is a sketch of an installation exhibited in Brooklyn, New York, at Auxiliary Projects in the fall of 2017. I have temporarily disabled my art site because I am now a victim of sex trafficking, perhaps, in part due to the openly liberated nature of the issues of maternity presented throughout my artistic oeuvre. For those who may be less cultured or informed, perhaps my site has been used to justify said crimes, or has be an open invitation to perpetrators to exploit me sexually. IT IS NOT!! CEASE AND DESIST!! My art is a sacred and personal expression as it relates to the issues of maternity and femininity, societal expectations and irony of the feminine I have lived. My art is not an invitation for perversion, mysogyny and misappropriation. I am not a consenting victim because of my art. Human trafficking, and in particular sex trafficking is a treacherous and widespread societal disease of this world at present, regulated by those with power to help- but instead destroy lives. The access to information they were not openly granted by expressed consent using our phones, satellites and other covert technologies, assist these haenoes criminals in committing these crimes, and then they manipulate memories and block all avenues to justice for the victims. I do not consent to being sex trafficked, brutally raped, then gaslighted by law enforcement. I am very shocked to know that those one would call to help would further victimize me or any vulnerable person (including unhoused women and children). This is happening to victims around the world every single day. This needs to stop. Please give the utmost credence and respect to those reporting sex crimes. Often times technogy and drugs, deliberately and by design, make our memories of the crimes distant and foggy, but this DOES NOT negate the violent crime and assault was committed against us- often ritualistically. Please help victims, and protect yourselves and all humans you can, from these pernicious, pervasive, sanctioned and endorsed crimes. Thank you. God bless you. Love, Justice, Peace, Taleen